Short term rentals in Baltimore are the perfect way to explore the city, take a long vacation or spend time working here when you live elsewhere.

The rejuvenation of the Baltimore economy makes it an attractive place to stay. What better way to enjoy a month or two here than with a high quality short term rental? Enjoy all the benefits of home, without the huge hotel bills!

There are several benefits to using a short term rental, here are just a few.

They are:v2

  • The simplest and cheapest way to try a new city
  • Very cost effective
  • Excellent for extended stays
  • Ideal for accommodating multiple people
  • Great for long vacations

If you want to see Baltimore without tying yourself to a standard rental agreement or mortgage, a short term rental is ideal. You can come to the city, spend a few weeks here and decide whether you like it or not before you commit. There is no better way to try somewhere new.

If you’re staying somewhere for four weeks or longer, a short term rental is much more cost effective than a hotel room. The average saving we see if over 50 percent!

Add longer stays to that equation and the savings really stack up. If you’re accommodating multiple people, it’s going to be cheaper using a furnished apartment than hotel rooms any day. An apartment also offers room to move, freedom to live and the ability to stay in very convenient locations.

It isn’t often we can afford a long vacation, so it’s important to make the most of it when we do. That means finding the very best accommodation for your requirements and budget. Both things we can help you find.

While a vacation is often regarded as not having to do a thing, often location and amenities are your primary concern. That’s where a short term rental comes in. They allow you to choose the location you require, not just a location where the hotels are built, an important distinction in any vacation.

We work closely with landlords across the country to provide a superb standard of accommodation at realistic prices. Wherever you want to stay, for however long, we’re the guys to call.

Travelers Haven works with individuals, organizations and businesses to deliver high quality, low cost short term rentals in Baltimore and across the country. Call us or fill in the form to learn more!

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