Tourism in and around Charlotte is still strong. The number of venues and attractions helps keep the tourist dollars flowing in. With an increased emphasis on staycations and more families electing to stay at home instead of traveling abroad means tourism is doing okay.CORPORATE APARTMENT LISTINGS

Charlotte has a lot going on, no matter what your taste. The sheer number of cultural, historical, adventure, eating and drinking venues in and around the city means there is always something to do here.


Charlotte is one of the fastest growing cities in the US and is attracting many large retail chains, boutiques and brand names to our streets. We have our fair share of malls and we also have streets of individual stores, designers and local artisans selling things you can’t get anywhere else.


A city as large and vibrant as Charlotte is always going to have plenty of culture. We have a huge array of galleries, operas, ballets, exhibitions, educational venues and museums. We have a long and cherished history as well as modern identity. The two live happily side by side in our fair city.


With festivals like Taste of Charlotte, Time Warner Cable BBQ & Blues and Food Lion Speed Street 600 Festival as well as rock, jazz, hip-hop, pop, electronica and blues venues around, you’re never going to be without a tune in your head while you’re in Queen City!


Charlotte has a huge range of bars and restaurants throughout the city to while away an evening or romance the one you love. We also have cafes, clubs, comedy venues, theaters and carriage rides throughout the historic city. Whether you want to wine and dine, or dance the night away, you’ll find plenty here.


It isn’t all hustle and bustle here in Charlotte. We know how to relax too. Our range of spas, health clubs, public parks will relax and rejuvenate you.


Charlotte has a wide range of professional sports teams and venues to watch your favorite stars in action. If you like NASCAR, you’re in luck, as 80% of the drivers call Queen City home. If you like a slower pace to your sport, we also have over 40 public golf courses for you to try your hand.

Charlotte has a wealth of culture, sports, music and entertainment within the city limits. Whatever your taste, or budget, there is always something going on.

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