Best Furnished Housing Providers in Washington D.C.

In Washington, DC, there is a wide variety of furnished apartments and houses available for both short and long-term leases. Such rentals are perfect for short-term city dwellers like business visitors, interns, and those in between homes since they are turnkey and provide all the essentials.

D.C. has a wide variety of furnished housing options, including flats, condominiums, townhouses, and single-family homes. Locations like Dupont Circle, Georgetown, and Capitol Hill make these homes appealing to potential buyers because of the ease with which they can reach nearby attractions like museums, theaters, and restaurants.

Furnished home in Washington, DC can range in price widely based on factors including size, location, and amenities. You should expect to pay around $$150 per night for a one-bedroom apartment, and more like $250-$300 for a bigger, 3-bedroom house.

Washington, DC is home to a plethora of property management firms and online booking platforms that focus on providing fully furnished accommodations. You may select a rental that works for your requirements and budget with the aid of one of these businesses.

On the whole, those in the market for a short-term, handy, and pleasant furnished house in Washington, D.C. will find a wide variety of options to choose from.

Let’s get started with this list, shall we?


The Blueground (our #1 Overall pick)

Huge Selection & Great Prices

The Blueground offers a large assortment of studio, 1, 2, and 3 bedroom furnished apartments across D.C. in all of the most desirable areas.

During off-season you can find them for as low as $1,800 per month, fully furnished. During busy season you’ll be looking at around $2,200 for studios.

Blu Corporate Housing (yes that’s us!)

On-demand Housing & Good 3 Bedroom Options

Need custom housing setups? For example, you’re traveling with a group of 30 co-workers, and everyone needs to stay in the same location for 1 1/2 months? Or perhaps you need to be on the East side of D.C. for 2 months then move to the West for another two months. These are scenarios where Blu shines. Blu also has better three-bedroom offerings than most of the other providers.

Hello Landing

Fantastic Selection

Hello Landing is a newer company in the corporate housing industry but they are quickly making a name for themselves. They have very good coverage across all parts of D.C.

Homeowners interested in listing their properties on Hello Landing may do so by visiting this page.

Furnished Finder

Cheapest Rates & Room Shares

Furnished Finder is another newer provider but they have certainly made a big splash. The cool thing about Furnished Finder is that they offer room shares where you can pair up with other renters ass roommates. This allows them to offer the lowest prices of any of the corporate housing companies. Furnished finders is a favorite goto for travelling medical staff. They are also well recived by interns for their low prices and good coverage.

Homeowners interested in getting involved can list their properties here.


Attache is special in that they are a D.C. focused provider. They live, breathe, and eat Washington D.C. short-term rentals. If you need an expert, these are your people. Like many of the other companies, they also offer property owners the ability to list on their site. You can do so by going here.


Weichert is one of the more traditional corporate housing providers, similar to Blu and The Blueground. They offer corporate lodging across the country in most major cities. Rather than holding active inventory, they mainly partner up with communities and complexes where they are able to quickly setup and furnish units on-demand.