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Furnished Corporate Housing in Washington D.C.

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Washington D.C. is our nation’s capital. It’s an independent district, not part of any state and stands apart from the rest of the country. It’s a large area with over 600,000 people located on the edge of Maryland beside the Potomac River.

History of Washington D.C.

As you would expect from the capital of the country, Washington D.C. is rich in history. Founded in 1791 from a section of Maryland and a section of Virginia, the city was born out of the Residence Act of 1790.

After the Pennsylvania Mutiny in 1783, James Madison saw the need for an independent capital that didn’t rely on any state for anything. The site was chosen by George Washington, who signed the Residence Act into law and after whom the capital was named.

In exchange for paying off the war debts of Virginia and Maryland, the government was granted land at the border of each along the Potomac in the cities of Georgetown and Alexandria. This was measured out in a diamond shape and the city began its new life.

The Organic Act of 1801 cemented the independence of Washington D.C. and construction began. Despite a raid by the British in 1812 that burned down the Capitol, the Treasury and the White House, construction was completed in 1868. Alexandria was ceded back to Virginia in 1846 as Georgetown was hugely favored at Alexandria’s expense.

During the 19th century, the city grew to over a hundred thousand souls, but was still relatively backward. It still had dirt streets, poor sanitation, very basic public works and it wasn’t delivering what it’s residents needed. A huge project of beautification began in 1873 that bankrupted the city, but provided the basis of modernization that resulted in the city we know and love today.

What to do in Washington D.C.

As a capital city, Washington D.C. is built around the machine of government and the administration that comes with it. It’s also a place full of landmarks, famous places and things to see and do. With over 600,000 people to entertain, it’s also a city that always has something going on.

Arts and Culture

The arts and culture of Washington D.C. is rich in history, color and flavor. We have a huge range of galleries, performances, historical monuments and more. Highlights include; AFI Silver Theatre, the Art Museum of the Americas, The Atlas Performing Arts Center, Capitol Steps and much more.

Music and Entertainment

We are also very well served for music and entertainment in Washington D.C. While the days are long and the work can be hard, we like to hang loose afterwards. The entertainment options here include; the Kennedy Center, Wolftrap Farm Park, the Arena Stage at the Mead Center and more.


It would take pages and pages to list all of the heritage sites in Washington D.C. Highlights include; the Mount Vernon Estate, the U. S. Capitol, the White House, U.S. Treasury Building, The Octagon Museum and The Smithsonian.

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Entertainment & Things to Do

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