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Traveling for longer periods of time or working away from home never used to be this convenient. You used to have to book a hotel or motel and contend with that single room for weeks or months on end.

No more. The rise of short term rentals, where you can rent a fully furnished apartment or house for 30 days or more has changed the landscape completely.

This change may not have captured the headlines like the rise of Airbnb, but the changes and opportunities short term rentals bring are just as powerful.

If you’re regularly working away from home or work with people that do, we’re going to show you where to find these short term rentals.

Each of the following websites has a decent selection of fully furnished and equipped short term rentals in cities across the country, and sometimes further afield.


It’s not an exaggeration to say Airbnb has changed the rentals market forever, because it has. It came seemingly out of nowhere to revolutionize the way we rent property.

While it may still battle with quality issues and unreliable hosts, as a whole, the service offers a simple way to book short term rentals in almost any town or city in the country.

You can rent rooms, apartments and entire houses on Airbnb. Prices are set in advance and you have a whole system to support you during your stay.

The only advice we would offer is to check reviews thoroughly before renting to make sure you’re getting what you pay for. Otherwise, it’s an excellent resource.

Blu Corporate Housing

Blu Corporate Housing is another short term housing website that seemed to come out of nowhere.

It’s different to Airbnb in that it doesn’t have the same global coverage or scale. However, quality is guaranteed as each property is checked and vetted by an in-house team. That team is there to support you throughout your stay, providing a slightly more hands-on experience than Airbnb.

The variety of property is a little less, but the quality of the properties and service seems to be much higher.

You can rent apartments, townhomes and houses. Rentals are managed by an account manager and all bills are included in the rent. has a similar look and feel to Blu Corporate Housing. Quiet competence with an understated website and overall feel.

Yet the company delivers exceptional quality properties, superb service and ensures every rental delivers on its promises.

The company has thousands of apartments, townhomes and houses on its books across the country. Simply complete the form by adding your destination and dates and the website will do the rest.

Corporate Housing Atlanta 2

Corporate Housing Atlanta 2

All properties are fully inclusive and deliver the flexibility and privacy you’re looking for.

Did you know did short term rentals for any reason as well as vacation rentals? Well, they do.

Booking a short term rental works in the same way as booking a hotel. Add your dates and destination on the main page, view the available properties and book the one you like the look of.

The range of properties isn’t quite as extensive as others in this list but the selection of destinations covers the entire globe. This could work well if you need accommodation in other countries of the world. is easy to use and prices are transparent. You don’t get the same level of choice, but the overall process is very straightforward.


Vrbo is a property rentals company that took over HomeAway. The combined company now has over 1 million properties on its books covering most of the world.

While Vrbo is primarily a vacation home provider, the purchase of HomeAway means they now offer shorter and longer term lets as part of the service.

It works the same as Select a destination, select your dates and see what’s available. Book through the site and everything is taken care of.

As far as we can tell, standards are high and reviews are good. There seem to be no hidden fees either, which is a definite positive.

We have more experience with HomeAway than Vrbo, but there’s no reason why the purchase should change too much.

Those are 5 of the many websites that list short term rentals. Each works slightly differently and has a different way of working.

Each delivers fully furnished short term rentals for vacations, work or other reasons though, which is why they are here!

Corporate housing is big business. It’s one of the few industries that managed to maintain growth throughout the pandemic and is still showing impressive growth now, in spite of the economic slowdown.

But who are the top movers and shakers? If you’re looking for corporate housing, who should you do business with?

We cannot answer that last question for you but we can outline the top 15 corporate housing companies in 2023 so you can make an informed decision yourself.


Blueground is a global corporate housing provider with locations across the world. With offices and staff all over the globe, this is a company with a wider world view than most.

It provides corporate housing across north America, Middle East and the European Union. Blueground has some of the cheapest prices in their markets.

If you need to find furnished rentals further afield than the US, this is a company to try.


Blu Corporate Housing (yes, that’s us!)

Blu Corporate Housing is a national leader in corporate housing. We have fully furnished housing options in nearly every single U.S. city, both big and small. Don’t believe us? Head over to our housing locations page and browse our listings to see for yourself.

Each and every rental comes completely furnished with all housewares and utilities. This includes gas, water, internet service, TV (Hulu or Netflix), and electric.



National Corporate Housing     

National Corporate Housing is a large provider of temporary furnished housing with international coverage.

The company specializes in corporate travel and has been expending into the European Union over the past few years.

They are ideal for companies that need to place staff internationally as well as within the United States.


Travelers Haven     

Travelers Haven seemingly came out of nowhere to dominate corporate housing. It’s based in Denver, Colorado and has properties across the country, in every city and state.

The company covers most requirements, from corporations, insurance, government, military and anyone who needs fully furnished rentals.

The company is ideal for those who like a personal service and to have a fully managed experience.


VIP Corporate Housing     

VIP Corporate Housing are another national provider of furnished rentals in the US. The company has a more laid back approach than National Corporate Housing, yet provides a very similar service.

The company specializes in offering flexible accommodation with an a la carte menu of amenities. They are limited to what’s available at the rental but it’s a nice idea. is a specialist corporate housing provider with over 60,000 properties on its books.

Based in Colorado, the company provides flexible furnished rentals to corporations, the medical profession, government agencies, law enforcement, insurance companies and anyone who needs accommodation for 30 days or more.


FOX Corporate Housing     

FOX Corporate Housing is a no-nonsense, high quality provider of corporate housing across the US. It promotes fully inclusive rents, high quality properties and everything included in the rent.

The company is another based in Houston, Texas and boasts over 1000’s properties on its books. Those include the full range of apartments penthouses and houses across the country.


CWS Corporate Housing     

CWS Corporate Housing specializes in short term rentals across the US. The company has 9 regional offices and thousands of properties on its books.

Based in Round Rock, Texas, the company is growing rapidly and increasing the numbers of properties on its books steadily.


Corporate Apartment Specialists     

Corporate Apartment Specialists are a smaller company focused around Virginia, Washington D.C., Maryland and Pennsylvania.

They have hundreds of properties within those four regions and provide turnkey services to companies and government agencies.


Synergy Housing     

Synergy Housing has a real corporate feel and concentrate on that market. They have a wide global presence with properties across the US and EU, with a few further afield.

There is an upmarket Airbnb feel about the website and the approach which will work well for some clientele.



Homelike are a European company with a US presence. They are larger in the EU than here, but still manage to capture a good portion of the domestic market.

The company works with business, government and tourists to provide longer stay accommodation in leading cities across the world.



Sirva brings us firmly back on home soil. It’s a US-based corporate provider that provides the whole package.

The company provides relocation and moving services, corporate housing, mortgages, visa and immigration services and anything to do with moving.


Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates     

Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates are a more focused property-based company based in Texas. The company has a good reach domestically, although doesn’t quite have the same portfolio as someone like Travelers Haven.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a rented apartment, they can help.



SilverDoor is a global business accommodation provider with a high end feel. It has a presence across the world, including the EU, Asia and Middle East. It also provides furnished rentals to the domestic US market.

The company also provides fully serviced apartments, which other providers tend to not offer.



SACO, The Serviced Apartment Company, doesn’t just offer serviced properties but also corporate properties.

SACO features mainly apartments but has homes too. They offer a price match scheme but we didn’t test it so don’t know how good it really is. Otherwise, the company looks to be a solid contender in the corporate housing market.


2nd Address     

2nd Address is a US-based corporate housing provider that offers around 4,300 properties across the States. It isn’t quite the scale of some of these others, but the quality is top class.

The company offers corporate housing, owner-run rentals and curated homes. All should be fully furnished and equipped and provide good quality housing.

Click Here to browse our furnished housing inventory in the United States

Corporate housing is a vital part of our economy. A cost-effective alternative to hotels for people working or studying away from home for periods of 300 days or more.

But what exactly is corporate housing? Who uses corporate accommodation? Why is a corporate rental better than a hotel?

All these questions and more will be answered in this post!

What is corporate housing?

First let’s start with the big question. What exactly is corporate housing?

Corporate housing is a type of accommodation specifically designed for people working or studying away from home. They are usually fully furnished and equipped apartments, townhomes, homes or penthouses in central or residential locations.

All corporate housing will include all appliances, cutlery, crockery, bed linen, towels, cable or satellite TV, internet and everything else you need to begin living.

The idea is to provide a high quality space that’s safe, easy to get to and that requires zero effort on your part.

All you need to do is bring your suitcase. Everything else should be here waiting for you.

Locations will typically be apartment developments or gated developments that offer all the benefits you expect including pools, parking, fitness centers, business centers, social spaces and other features.

Who uses corporate accommodation?

Corporate rentals were originally designed for business travelers, hence the name. But more recently, we see nurses, doctors, executives, oil and gas workers, government contractors, construction crews, military and students staying in corporate housing.

For example, if your employer wants you to work away from home for any length of time, they would rent you a corporate apartment. If you were thinking of moving to a different office in a new city, you could use a corporate rental until you find your own.

Similarly, nurses and doctors on secondment or training, oil and gas workers needing temporary accommodation or government contractors fulfilling a temporary contract would also benefit from the convenience of turnkey accommodation.

We also provide corporate rentals for those who serve. Whether that’s secondment to a different base, extended training at another facility or extended temporary duty anywhere within the United States, a corporate rental can help.

While not exhaustive by any means, corporate accommodation is used by:

You get the idea. Anyone can use corporate accommodation if they have to stay away from home for any length of time.

We work with many insurance companies to provide cost-effective temporary accommodation to families and individuals who need a place to stay due to fire, construction work or natural disaster.

We also accommodate families relocating to a new part of the country. Being able to book long term with a predictable monthly cost that includes everything is a genuine benefit if you’re trying to find somewhere to live but don’t know how long it will take!

How is corporate housing better than a hotel?

There are a number of ways corporate housing is better than a hotel so we had better keep this concise!

Hotels are great and we don’t want to minimize their value but they are not designed for longer stays.

Want to go on vacation for a couple of weeks somewhere warm and sunny? A hotel is perfect.

Want to stay for longer or stay within a city but not by the airport? A hotel isn’t your best option.

A corporate apartment is.

Here are some of the many benefits of corporate accommodation compared to a hotel.


For stays of over 30 days, hotels can be very expensive. Even hotels at the budget end of the market soon become untenable when you’re looking at longer stays.

Plus, hotels nickel and dime you for everything they can, which just adds to the expense!

Fully inclusive

Corporate housing is fully inclusive. That means the price you see is the price you pay. That price will include TV, internet, bills, use of facilities and anything that’s going on within the development.

All you’ll need to buy is food and general basics for living.

Some corporate apartments can also include housekeeping, cleaning service and even grocery deliveries!

More space to call your own

This is kind of two benefits in one. A corporate apartment is exactly that, a full apartment with bedrooms, bathroom, living area, kitchen and perhaps a patio or balcony.

It will be much more spacious than your average hotel room and offer all the space you need to live.

It’s also your own space. You’ll have your own front door and your own space to live, relax, kick back and breathe a little.

Both of those things are significant advantages over a hotel room. Try staying in a hotel for something other than a vacation and see how long it is before the walls start closing in. It won’t be long if our own experience is anything to go by!

The next time you’re working or studying away from home for 30 days or more, don’t suffer an airport hotel or budget motel.

Rent a fully serviced corporate apartment in a location that suits, often for less than your hotel!