As you can imagine, there are too many San Francisco neighborhoods to list on one web page, so we’ll concentrate on the main ones. They are as diverse and as interesting as you imagine and probably more besides, making any visit here an eventful experience!

Financial DistrictSan Francisco (2)

The Financial District is where money is made and deals are done. As San Francisco is a financial hub, this is one busy place. Most of the big financial institutions have a headquarters or at least a significant presence here. There is also plenty of shopping too, with the Embarcadero Center, the Ferry Building and Crocker Galleria all within the neighborhood.

Castro District

Castro District is the center of gay life here in San Francisco. It’s an affluent, interesting, colorful and characterful neighborhood full of cute bakeries, coffee shops, boutiques, bars and the Castro Theater. It’s a great place to visit, whatever your persuasion.


Chinatown is a real highlight of San Francisco. Go through the Dragon’s Gate at Grant and Bush and enter a different world. Chinatown has been immortalized in movies, TV series and video games but really has to be seen to be believed. Try Chinese cuisine from street vendors, visit authentic Chinese stores and absorb as much Asian culture as you can.

Cole Valley

Cole Valley is completely different to Chinatown. It’s cool, quaint and relaxed. The neighborhood is full of nice houses, small stores, mom and pop restaurants and offers a real feeling of city cool. If you want to step away from the city for a while, Cole Valley is a great place to do it.

Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf is probably one of the most famous neighborhoods in San Francisco. The area is full of stores, restaurants, bars, entertainment and the best seafood in the world. Fish Alley still has genuine, working fisherman who bring in the catch of the day for the many restaurants in the area. There really is a lot here and should be on every visitor’s to-do list.

Haight-AshburySan Francisco (1)

The Haight-Ashbury neighborhood was the hippest, coolest place in the world during the 60s and 70s and still reflects those characteristics today. It has been gentrified a bit, but still has that revolutionary flavor that was so apparent during those times. It’s different, irreverent and well worth a visit.

Hayes Valley

Hayes Valley is where the cool go to play. It’s full of bars, clubs, museums, galleries and all that fun stuff. It’s the neighborhood to be seen in, with some of the coolest shoe stores, boutiques and bars around. It also has some of the best restaurants in the city too. Definitely somewhere you want to visit if you want to experience San Francisco to its fullest.

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If you and your family are taking a vacation, you might also wish to look into vacation cabins or beach houses available for rent. These are also viable options if you want to reside in a relaxed environment while working.

The apartment rental or furnished housing you obtain will include furniture, dishes and linens. These apartment rentals will also help you in the event of relocation for work. While uprooting yourself and your whole family, you will not have to worry about setting up a new house while settling in.Corporate Housing Bryan Texas - Blu (18)

This will help you and your family adjust to the move much more easily, and will ensure that you are able to concentrate on work. If you are having a new house built in a new location after the move, furnished apartments will also be a useful choice in the interim period. You can also consider home rental while you are looking for a property to buy.

When your move is relocation for work that is short-term, the period may be too to make buying a house a viable option, and too long a period to make hotel stay an economical and comfortable option. In the case of the former, furnished housing will save you from having to purchase things such as furniture, which would be impractical considering how you can hold on to it for only a amount of time and will have to go through the cost and trouble of transporting, disposing of or selling it eventually.

In the case of hotels, having a furnished place will provide you with the conveniences of living at home and will cost much less per day than a good hotel does overnight. This is especially true for frequent business trips to places such as LA or New York, where hotel rates are extremely high.

A is a good idea if your stay is to exceed one month but will be shorter than a year. You will have to spend none of that time on decorating or making your residence livable. You will also not need to create a budget to purchase furnishings and furniture, as they will already be made available to you.

When choosing furnished housing, ask yourself what you need. If your duration is for a few months and you have moved for work purposes, is it necessary to have a TV? Are you willing to supply yourself with dishes, linen, cooking equipment or internet access? These decisions should hopefully take you much less time than having to start with furnishing from scratch, leaving you free to concentrate on your job and your new social environment. You get the opportunity to enjoy the comforts of home away from home.

We think moving to Colorado Springs is one of the best things we ever did. The air is clean, traffic light, crime low and the weather fine. Once you get used to the altitude it’s all good.

The city isn’t without it’s curiosities though. If you’re staying in one of our corporate rentals or are planning to move to Colorado Springs, there are a few things you might like to know.


Colorado Springs is predominantly made up of military personnel either active or retired. That’s why our military housing specialists are always so busy. There are five major bases here, NORAD, the Air Force AcademyFort CarsonPeterson AFB and Schriever AFB.

While the tech and supporting industries are plentiful, the majority of people here are military. Expect to see lots of uniforms and be asked for your military I.D. to get discounts in stores.images


There are very few bugs in Colorado Springs. It’s probably the elevation, but the only bugs we really see are moths and ants. No mosquitoes, no flies, no spiders. It’s a nice relief, especially if you moved from somewhere warmer.


Talking of elevation, Colorado Springs is about a mile above sea level and takes some getting used to. Allow a month or two to get fully used to the elevation and expect to be out of breath climbing a set of stairs at first. We also have to drink a lot and use sunblock because the air is so thin.

This also has ramifications when opening bottles or cans. The elevation means they are under pressure, so even opening a yoghurt means pointing it away from you while you peel the lid. It’s a small thing, but will take some getting used to.


The people here in Colorado Springs are nice, like really nice. Get used to people looking you in the eye and saying hello. Get used to people holding doors open for you or nodding to you as they pass. It’s a way of life here and something you have to quickly get used to. It’s a lovely aspect of the culture though.


It snows in winter here but it only lasts a day or two. That means the snow you do see is always fresh and that horrible brown sludge you get elsewhere is rare. It could be 4 degrees one day and 60 the next, the weather here is mixed to say the least. Keeps everyone on their toes though!


It’s one thing to move an employee across the country to a new location, it’s another to move their family too. There is a lot involved in moving an entire household across a state. Fortunately, that’s something can help with.

It isn’t uncommon for an employer to have to cast their net ever wider to attract the kind of skills they need to prosper. In an ever specializing work environment, it’s sometimes difficult to find the niche skills necessary to fulfill your business needs. Even when there are so many unemployed, it’s often impossible to find the right skillset.

The prospect of moving an entire family across the country may be enough to put off both employer and employee, but the inclusion of a furnished apartment or small family home as part of the transaction makes all the difference.

The prospect of having to pay for an extended hotel stay would be enough to put off even the most determined employee. The cost, if met by the employer makes hiring new talent much more expensive than it has to be, and could certainly influence the hiring decision from both sides.

This is where corporate housing comes into its own. From the employers perspective, they save money as these corporate rentals are much cheaper than hotels. They also offer the ideal platform from which their new employee can become productive in the shortest time possible. It also influences the decision to move, and if an employee has the skills the company desperately needs, this is essential.

From the employees perspective, a corporate rental takes a lot of stress out of the transition. It’s stressful enough starting a new job, without adding moving a family and all that goes with it into the equation. It’s certainly the case that not having to worry about finding somewhere to live right away, or having to spend valuable cash on a hotel will go a long way in making the decision to accept the move.

The ability for a new employee to bring their family with them makes for a very stable start. The lesser known benefits are realized when they have pets too. You can’t take a pet to most hotels. Many corporate lets allow pets, even some furnished apartments allow pets within reason. Our connection to our animals is a deep one and should not be underestimated.

Any employer who allows and employee to keep their loved ones around them gets a loyal, productive and grateful staff member. An employee who will work hard to repay the kindness, who will contribute to the productivity of the company and who will remain loyal for a long time to come.

They don’t have to know that corporate rentals are actually cheaper than a hotel. Even a furnished apartment in a nice area of town, or a small family home in a quiet residential street can be significantly cheaper than an extended stay hotel room. This is one of those situations where everybody wins.



Blu Corporate Housing has a team of oilfield housing experts in Bismarck to satisfy the massive appetite for furnished apartments created by the oil and gas industry. Ever since the boom in 2006 and the expansion of shale as a source of oil and gas, this area has enjoyed massive growth.

So much so that good housing is hard to come by and more expensive than it ever was before. That’s where we come in. With a national reach and a huge selection of quality rentals on our books, we’re perfectly capable of delivering exceptional oilfield housing at competitive prices.

Price is something that makes oilfield housing worth your time but it’s much more than that. It’s about quality of life, privacy and somewhere to call your own for a while. When you’re doing 12 hour shifts in a dangerous place, it’s sometimes nice to kick back, relax and enjoy some alone time for a while. That’s where a furnished apartment comes in.

You can shut the door, grab a shower, fix your dinner and drink a cold one in your own time and in our own space. If you want peace and quiet you can have it. If you want to go out, you can and if you want some buddies round to watch the game you can do that too. You can’t have all that in a bunkhouse!

Hotel rooms are fine for a week or two but then those four walls begin to close in. You do get a semblance of privacy but as soon as you make some noise or watch a game with your buddies, that polite knock on the door takes all the fun out of things.

Hotels are expensive too compared to a camp or our oilfield housing. On average, a furnished rental from Blu Corporate Housing is half the price of a comparable hotel room for stays of a month or more.

What’s included in your oilfield housing?

So what exactly do you get for your money when you rent oilfield housing from us? You get a fully furnished one, two or three bedroom apartment in a residential building or community for a start.

You also get a living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. You may also get a patio or balcony depending on the building in question. Each room will have all the furniture it needs to be home. Also included are linens, kitchenware, housewares, TV, maybe some art on the walls and all those little touches that make it feel like home.

Contact Blu Corporate Housing today to secure your oilfield housing today!

Corporate rentals are one of the few growth markets in this challenging economic environment, and this is even more true for both Minot, and North Dakota as a whole. The corporate housing sector has seen growth where the rest of real estate has remain stagnant or shrunk. It’s part if the industry that is, right now, supporting the rest of the property industry. This is especially true in North Dakota as the big oil boom has created very high demand for furnished temporary housing in the area.

When corporate housing first became popular in the late 1980s, many companies decided to buy their own properties and run them themselves. They soon learned that this involved way too much time and expense and sold them just as quickly.

Large corporations thought it logical that running their own properties for staff to use was the most cost-effective way of managing accommodation. They thought that by controlling it themselves, they could also control the cost and management of their assets. Little did they know how wrong they were.

Ask any homeowner, ask any landlord, a home isn’t a one-time transaction. Our homes are a constant drain on our resources. They have running costs, maintenance costs, repair costs and there is always something that needs doing.

It isn’t just the obvious things either, a furnished apartment is going to need regular cleaning and decorating. The furniture will wear over time and will also need managing. Then there is the minutiae like plates, cutlery, laundry, soft furnishings and all the little things that make a corporate rental a home away from home. All these things need a dedicated and experienced eye to manage effectively.

Whether its waiting for hours for the cable guy, or answering an emergency call at 2:00am to fix a leaking pipe, property management is a full-time job. Many companies found it was too much drain on resources and didn’t offer much advantage over using a professional corporate housing specialist.

In addition to the time and effort involved in corporate housing, there also are a lot of hidden costs involved with owning and managing a property. Organizations have to provide a down payment or cash price for the building, or pay a security deposit when renting one.

They also may have to sign a long lease and pay rent each month regardless of whether there is staff in the apartment or not. The company must also furnish, service, maintain, and insure the property as well as add any ancillary services such as laundry and cleaning. This is all very costly for an organization if they aren’t in the property management business.

In many cases, it never occurred to businesses that buying and managing their own corporate apartments weren’t single transaction deals. Despite being homeowners themselves in many cases, there seemed to be a disconnect between the reality of owning a property as a family and owning a corporate property as a business.

Using a corporate lettings agency is now almost the only way to go. While buying a property may be cheaper now than 5 years ago, the running costs are still there, as are the burdens of managing such a venture.


Bismarck is the state capital and the second largest city in the state. Located on the banks of the Missouri, it’s a nice city in a nice state and we love it. We are one of the oil and gas housing specialists in the city and we think the town is the perfect place to call home.

If you’re new to the city, maybe working the oilfields or are planning to make your way here to find work or take up a position, it would help to know a little about the place. That’s what this post is all about.Bismarck

This land was originally Mandan land and some of their villages have been preserved as parks within the city. The Mandan people lived here between 1500 and a while before the settlers arrived and looked to have actually settled rather than be nomadic.

The city was founded in 1872 at Missouri Crossing when the North Pacific Railway reached the eastern bank of the river. It was originally called Edwinton after the chief engineer of the North Pacific Railway but was later renamed in honor of Otto von Bismarck in an attempt to attract German immigrants.

The first building to found the city was Camp Greeley, now Camp Hancock. It protected the railroad workers as they build the lines and acted as a supply depot as the creep of the railroad moved ever further. Other buildings and settlers quickly followed and the beginnings of a city evolved.

Once Burleigh County was organized, Bismarck was chosen as the capital and growth exploded as a courthouse, post office, stores and a school were all built in quick succession. Once the bridge across the Missouri was completed in 1882, Bismarck began to enjoy all the benefits of the railroad.

Growth continued apace until The Panic of 1893, where we fell upon hard time like the rest of the country. A huge fire in 1898 wiped out much of the early city center, requiring the rebuilding of much of the city.

This however, caused a modernization of the city at the same time. Buildings were then constructed of brick and concrete instead of timber. While being largely fire resistant, it also brought modernity to Bismarck. The Hotel McKenzie was built in 1911, followed by the Grand Pacific Hotel in 1912, the Liberty Memorial Bridge in 1922 and the state capitol building in 1934.

There’s a lot more to Bismarck than being an oil and gas town. We have a long and illustrious history written in stone, brick and concrete and we are rightfully proud of what the city has achieved over the past 130 years. Let’s hope the next 130 are just as positive!


If you’re new to Colorado Springs, having moved there, been sent or stationed there, or just moved because you love the scenery, you’re going to want to know what’s going on in our fair city.

As premier furnished temporary housing specialists, Blu Corporate Housing has a vested interest in you enjoying your time in our corporate rentals and in Colorado Springs. That’s what this post is all about. Here are the top five attractions in and around the city that everyone should see.

Garden of the Gods

The Garden of the Gods is a National Natural Landmark and well worth a visit. There’s a visitor’s center, wide paths and of course, the geology. The park is open to hiking, cycling, rock climbing, horse riding and more. It also has guided walks and tours for anyone who wants to fully explore the park.

Battlefield Colorado

While it sounds more like a military museum than activity, Battlefield Colorado is an outdoor laser tag park of the highest caliber. Ranked #2 on Trip Advisor for things to do in Colorado Springs, this is a great day out for all the family. Although book early as it’s incredibly busy!

Pikes Peak

No list of things to do in Colorado Springs would be complete without mentioning Pikes Peak. The most famous mountain in the area is just off Highway 24 about 15 minutes’ drive west of the city. It’s 7,400 feet high and can be walked, cycled or driven. It’s tough, beautiful and somewhere you’ll want to visit again and again!

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is one of the finest examples of zoo anywhere in the country. The exhibits are well thought-out and offer great views of the animals, the park has plenty to see and do and best of all, the animals all seem happy and content. That’s a real plus in the zoo’s favor. Well worth a visit.

National Museum of World War II Aviation

The National Museum of World War II Aviation is a real gem. Run as a non-profit, the museum is dedicated to providing education to visitors and to restoring and celebrating those flying machines. There is lots to see and do and the tour guides are very knowledgeable. This is another attraction you need to book in advance though as it gets busy!

Those are just five of the many things to see and do in and around Colorado Springs. Each is a little different and offers interest, wonder and a few hours’ entertainment. Try one, try them all!

Archstone La Jolla (official site) in California is a high specification apartment complex set in lovely grounds, near La Jolla and capable of providing a high quality of life for all who live here. It’s an excellent building in an excellent location.

The one and two bedroom apartments come with either one or two baths. Each is well laid out and finished to a high standard. Each apartment benefits from high ceilings, large windows, plentiful storage and lots of light and air. There is also laminate flooring, relaxing décor and views over the grounds or pool.

The full kitchen includes all appliances, some stainless steel or GE, breakfast bar and pantry. The full bathroom is equally well appointed.

The Archstone La Jolla development also offers a lot to its residents. The complex is very well maintained and managed and seeks to provide a high quality of life for all. Site amenities include; covered parking, pool, hot tub, sun deck, clubhouse, fitness center, internet and is pet friendly.

The community is located south of La Jolla not far from the I-5. It’s a rural location, set in residential zones within a short distance of all local amenities. There is plentiful shopping, dining, leisure and entertainment in the area and the city is only a short drive away.

The combination of quality, amenities and setting make Archstone La Jolla one of our premier apartment developments. They are very popular indeed, so book right away if you like what you see!

The Southwood Apartments in Palo Alto, California is a traditional apartment development of one and two bedroom properties in an excellent area. Set slightly south of the city, this small complex has a big heart.

The apartments are one of two floor plans offering 750 or 980 square feet of living space. Each property is finished to a high standard, is well decorated in a traditional style and designed for peace and comfort.

Large windows allow a lot of light into each apartment and the balcony is an excellent place to wind down after a day at work. Specific amenities in each apartment can include; air conditioning, ceiling fans, generous storage, laundry facilities, covered parking and internet connections.

The Southwood Apartment building continues the traditional atmosphere with nice grounds, attentive management, responsive maintenance and lots of amenities. They include; a pool, hit tub, internet access, extra storage options, business center, corporate suites, garbage disposal, bicycle storage and much more.

The location is ideal if you’re working in or around Palo Alto. Set south of the city, you’re hear Highways 101 and 82 and only a few minutes from I-280. That makes San Francisco, San Jose, Redwood City and Oakland only a car journey away.

There is also public transportation nearby as well as good schools, shopping, Stamford University campus, dining and San Francisco Bay. The Southwood Apartments are a lovely place to live set in a nice part of town. Just what you need while you’re working away from home!

Blu Beverly Hills(official site) is a high class apartment building with exceptional standards and an emphasis on providing the highest possible standard of living. It’s a new building that does everything it can to make you feel at home.

The one or two bedroom apartments come with one or two full baths. Each offers between 785 and 1255 square feet of living space finished to an exceptional standard. As a high-rise building, the views are excellent all round and the floor to ceiling windows ensures there is plenty enough light to go round.

The interior of each apartment is tastefully decorated and offers contemporary living at its best. The full kitchen has all appliances and everything you need. The bathroom has a designer tub and fixtures and both are ready to serve.

The Blu Beverly Hills building offers a lot to residents including a management team who do all they can to make life more comfortable. The amenities include; secure parking, secure access, concierge, fitness center with personal trainer, media room, rooftop lounge and even an on-site personal assistant.

The location is as good as the building. Set on Wilshire Boulevard, you’re never far from the action. It’s a downtown location, close to shopping, dining, nightlife, entertainment and leisure. With the Santa Monica and the San Diego Freeways only a few minutes’ drive, all of Los Angeles is only ever a car journey away.

Blu Beverly Hills is a premier apartment building designed with residents in mind. Vacancies are rare, so book right away if you like what you see!

The Avenue apartments(official site) in West Hollywood, California are high class hotel-style residences for those who know what they like. Highly specified, well-constructed and lovingly maintained, these apartments are the place to be.

The studio, one, two and three bedroom apartments offer between one and three bathrooms and between 716 and 2013 square feet of living space. Each is logically laid out with large windows, lots of light and plenty of storage. Decoration is modern but subtle, ideal for the modern family.

Each apartment includes air conditioning, balcony, high ceilings, tiles, carpets, internet, cable TV and lovely views out over the city, countryside or courtyards. The full kitchen includes stainless steel appliances, wood cabinetry, gas range and pantry. The bathroom includes wood cabinets, chrome fixtures and tub.

The Avenue community also has a lot to offer residents. There is a manned reception, secure access, onsite maintenance, covered parking and full concierge services. Building amenities include; business center, pool, hot tub, pet park, courtyards, pet walking service, food delivery, laundry service and more.

The downtown location in West Hollywood is close to everything. You can walk to Hollywood Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard. You can drive to Highway 101 or 66 and there are thousands of acres of parks and natural areas within easy reach.

There is also everything Hollywood has to offer right on your doorstep. That includes some of the best dining, bars, shopping and entertainment to be found anywhere in the country!


Need corporate housing in Colorado Springs? Want fully in convenient locations? With all the comforts of home? Then you’re in the right place!

Blu Corporate Housing is a short-term rentals expert that specializes in corporate rentals for government, the military, individuals, families, healthcare, oil and gas industries and anyone who needs high quality property at competitive prices.

A corporate rental from Blu Corporate Housing offers three major benefits over using a hotel. Those benefits are variety, value and convenience.


As nice as hotels can be, they all use the same artwork on the wall, the same bland furnishings, the same anonymous furniture and the same forgettable design. Travel anywhere in the world and the room will be the same. It’s only the view from the window that marks them apart.

Corporate housing is different. They are as individual as you are. They come in all shapes and sizes, all colors, all types and all locations. Live downtown, live on the outskirts, stay next to work or the other side of town. It’s all possible with a corporate rental from Blu Corporate Housing.


On average, a corporate let is around half the cost of a hotel room when staying a month or more. Considering what you get for your money, it’s no wonder more and more people are choosing to work with Blu Corporate Housing!

For less than a single, boxy room, you can enjoy an entire apartment or house in a location of your choice. You can enjoy privacy, comfort, peace, quiet and even outside space. All for less.


With flexible leases, one bill, ancillary services and added extras, the convenience of using corporate housing is uncontested. As long as you’re staying a minimum of 28 days, the rest is up to you. Extend your stay, try somewhere else, benefit from housekeeping or even a food hamper.

It’s your rental, have it your way!

Contact Blu Housing’s Colorado Springs rentals experts today to see how much you could save!

In whatever context, the term “corporate” has an air of the executive about it. The idea of corporate housing, or furnished apartments for the use of traveling staff does have an elitist air about it, but it shouldn’t.

While the majority of corporate rentals are for traveling executives, there is a whole range of other disciplines that make them vital to the smooth running of many companies and this is especially true for Minot and surrounding areas where tons of well-paid oil and gas workers create a high demand for furnished housing.College Station TX Corporate Housing (7)

In a country as diverse and as large as ours, many larger corporations spread out. Partly to make use of local markets and be able to supply regional customers and partly because of the available labor pool in any given area. In an organization such as this, there will be staff who need to travel from one site to another in order to do their job. It is these people who make the best use of a corporate rental.

Corporate housing is also helpful for staff relocating from one city to another. It’s the ideal springboard with which to begin a new life in a new city. Someone moving from one side of the country to another isn’t going to be able to function very well in their new role if they are worrying about where to live and finding accommodation.

A furnished apartment or other corporate rental is the ideal answer to that question. It give the employee a bit of security while they adjust to their new surroundings. If the employee is bringing family with them, a corporate rental is an ideal base from which they can begin their property search.

Corporate housing is not just about traveling business executives and relocated professionals. According to data provided by various real estate agencies in conjunction with business associations, there are a range of other professions who use corporate rentals on a regular basis.

For example, 200,000 annual traveling nurses regularly use them. So do around 600,000 military personnel and their dependents while they wait for base housing. Then you have displaced homeowners because of insurance issues or divorce, athletes who get traded from different teams in different cities.

Not forgetting actors or movie crew filming or traveling with a show, consultants or project managers on a project, or employees attending long training programs. Also consider staff having medical procedures in a city away from home, government officials serving outside of their district, anyone involved in special events or large sporting fixtures, traveling lecturers, teachers or graduate students and a host of other employees who need to travel for one reason or another.

This list isn’t even half of it, but enough I think to illustrate that it isn’t just salesmen or executives that need corporate housing as part of their everyday work. Corporate rentals are for any employee who stays anywhere for a given period of time and who don’t want to spend that time in a hotel room.

While the term corporate in corporate housing may lead people to think it’s only for those who work in suits, they really are for everyone.

As oil and gas housing specialists, Blu Corporate Housing wants everyone who uses our furnished rentals to enjoy their time in Bismarck North Dakota. As the oil and gas boom continues, workers and their families are flocking to the city to find work or take up positions here.

If you’re one of them, you probably want to know what’s going on here and what to do when you’re not working. Here are just a few attractions in and around Bismarck that fit the bill.

North Dakota Heritage Centerdakota-zoo

The North Dakota Heritage Center is where we celebrate our past and where everything we have collected over the past hundred or so years can be seen by everyone. It’s free to get in and has a lot of history on display. The building is modern, spacious and has enough room for the exhibits and visitors. It’s a good day out for all the family.

State Capitol Building

You can’t miss the State Capitol Building when you drive through Bismarck. It’s an art deco tower in the center of town and is open to the public. It’s an ideal stop after checking out the North Dakota Heritage Center and if it’s a clear day you can see for miles from the roof. Art deco is a fantastic artistic style and there’s plenty on display here.

Dakota Zoo

Dakota Zoo is over 50 years old and can be found at Arbor Avenue south of Bismarck. Spread over 90 acres, this zoo has over 600 animals spread over 125 species and is growing steadily. It’s an excellent example of a zoo that takes animal welfare seriously and offers a lot of educational as well as entertaining exhibits and displays. Well worth a visit!

McDowell Dam Nature Park

McDowell Dam Nature Park is a great place to while away a sunny afternoon with the family, have a picnic or walk gently round while enjoying the weather. It’s a wide open space with a lake but, despite the name, no dam. However, there’s a hiking trail that loops the lake that works well for a gentle stroll.

Gateway to Science

Gateway to Science is a relatively new attraction that is growing steadily. It’s a hands-on science and educational center where staff are always ready to help out, demonstrate science in action and provide a little wonder for the kids. It’s built around children and is a great place to take them for an afternoon.

Those are just five of the many things to do in Bismarck North Dakota. It’s a great place to live. If you need somewhere to stay while you’re working here, contact Blu Corporate Housing today!